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Clay Class for Middle Schoolers

$180 Purchase required to enroll

(June 12th is the Pick-Up Party, when students collect their finished work, plant seeds in their flower pots, and collaborate on a large group project. Late pick-up can be arranged if needed.)


Students in grades 5-8 can join us for our kid-centric class, expanding on skills they may have learned at school, or getting the chance to play with clay for the first time! Focusing on pinch pots, small sculptures, coil-, and slab-building, students will build fundamental skills while creating their own fun and functional ceramics. Working together in a safe and welcoming environment, instructors will introduce good habits with clay, and inspire students to continue on in their own creative endeavors. No experience necessary; can be repeated.

What’s Included:

Middle School Clay uses reclaimed clay, underglazes, and clear glaze. Students fire an average of five pieces each (one per lesson).