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Repair Café Free Plans available from $80 No purchase required to enroll

Our volunteer repair experts will be available to help you make all possible repairs. Tools and materials will also be on hand. You can bring your broken items from home. Repair stations will include small electronics, clothing, bikes, furniture, toys and jewelry - anything that is broken is welcome and more than likely can be repaired!

Textiles Meet-up Free Purchase required to enroll

MAXT Work Party! No purchase required to enroll


Sew/Embroidery Machine Training Plans available from $48 No purchase required to enroll

Initial Textiles Project Troubleshoot Plans available from $48 No purchase required to enroll

Up to four hours of free consultations with Leeni for new members.


Chill Clay Night on the Wheel $75 Purchase required to enroll

With Lauren Morrocco

Session 1: Studio Time - Saturday Evening, July 1, 6:00-8:00pm

Session 2: Glaze Time - Saturday, July 15, 6:00-8:00pm

Two evening outings of fun! These short little classes will allow you to try your hand on the wheel and play with clay, gathering a second time to experience the art of glazing. Perfect for the beginner or experienced clay user, use your creativity and innovation to make a bowl or a mug or other wheel-thrown object and enjoy a warm summer evening with fellow art lovers, wine and cheese.

Ceramic Center Open Studios $20 per class No purchase required to enroll

Reserve time in our Studio to use our wheels - just for practice, or to continue your ongoing projects during staffed hours. Our studio managers will be on hand to lend support and pointers when needed. Open Studios are open to members and the general public alike.

Beginning Clay $250 Purchase required to enroll

If you are brand new to clay, or are looking to build up your pottery skills, this class is for you! In this course we will go through the basic steps and processes to make pottery in a variety of ways. These sessions will provide the tools, materials, and space to learn new techniques in hand building, wheel throwing, trimming, and glazing, with guidance and time for creative exploration along the way. Level: Beginner

CNC Group Meetup Free No purchase required to enroll

Vince Dovydaitis will take you through the ins and outs of the space's CNC router operation. Includes recommendations on design tools, software used to operate the CNC, and how to prepare the machine and your work.

All-Levels Wheel-Throwing with Sam Deering $275 Purchase required to enroll

Using the potter’s wheel, students will learn how to throw clay into a variety of shapes and sizes. Every class will start with a brief demonstration of clay preparation, basic throwing skills, and some examples of how to push things a little further for those who are ready and those who want to try. We will then move to trimming and finishing our pieces, and finally glazing. Wheel-throwing is a challenging yet meditative way to work with clay, and whether you're new to the wheel, or an experienced thrower, we’ll improve your skills and ability to really finish a piece for firing. (Once a week; 8 sessions) Experience Level: Beginning through Advanced.

Ceramics Center Open Studio $20 per class No purchase required to enroll

Pit-Firing Team-Taught Workshop $175 Purchase required to enroll

With Kimberly Kersey-Asbury and Sam Deering

Session 1: Saturday, June 17 9:30am-12:30pm (3 hours)

Session 2: Saturday, July 2 9:00am-12pm

The oldest known form of firing pottery, pit firing remains an accessible and fun way to interact with clay and create beautiful surfaces on pottery. Students will learn the basics of pit firing, its history, how to make pieces for it, how to decorate clay before firing, and then how to fire the pots with nothing more than a hole in the ground and some wood. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of pit firing, and learn how to navigate this ancient process with a modern eye and a curious mind. (Weekend Workshop; 2 Sessions) All levels welcome.

Textiles Open Studio $10 per class No purchase required to enroll

Textiles Open Studio is a weekly time to use our sewing/textiles facility while there is a volunteer monitor present. It's an opportunity for self directed learning with the help of knowledgeable people, work on projects in a safe environment, and meet other makers. They are open for free to members and those in ongoing classes, and also open to the public for a $10 fee.

Flower Vases (Ikebana Style) $125 Purchase required to enroll

Using multiple techniques including the wheel and hand building, we will create interesting and unique vessels that can be used for this unique and poetic art form. Making forms for flower vases is a wonderful way to push our creative limits, it challenges us to look at our work in a different way and to explore methods we otherwise wouldn’t have considered while working with clay. (Weekend workshop; 3 sessions)

Woodworking Lvl. 1: Tripod Stool $150 Purchase required to enroll

A beginner woodworking course where we will be making Tripod stools! This class is perfect for those who are new to woodworking and would like to learn the basics of building furniture. By the end of this class, you will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to create a beautiful tripod stool that you can use in your home.

Let's Turn a Bowl $175 Purchase required to enroll

Woodturning Lvl. 1 Class

This course will teach you the basic steps needed to turn a small wooden bowl from tree to finished piece. Through discussion, question and answer periods, as well as demonstration and hands on experience, you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed produce a wooden bowl. Our goal, is to make you feel comfortable enough continue to visit MAXT and explore woodturning on your own. The small class size and abundance of tools and attention is designed to help you through the exploration of this craft.

The class will include instruction on wood selection, design, and finishing techniques all while focusing on safety and control.

One Good Turn Deserves Another $250 Purchase required to enroll

Woodturning Lvl. 2 (intermediate)

This course will further your understanding of the steps needed to turn a small wooden bowl or enclosed vessel from tree to finished piece. Our goal, through creative class projects, is to make you feel more comfortable around the shop and challenge your design sense. Membership at MAXT is recommended but not required. The intent is for you to continue to explore woodturning on your own and build a community that supports wood turning and woodturners. The small class size and abundance of tools and attention is designed to help you through the exploration of this craft.

We will discuss wood selection, design, and finishing techniques all while focusing on safety and control. Natural edge bowls, turning “air”, and hollow forms will be discussed and supported. All meetings will start with a demo and then convert into supported design and production time. Surface treatments and carving will be discussed as well.

All Levels Ceramics with James Mitschmyer $275 Purchase required to enroll

April 4 - May 23, 2023

Tuesday Evenings, 6:00-9:00pm

With a focus on the wheel and incorporation of hand-built elements, James Mitschmyer will shepherd students, from beginners to veteran potters, to taking their work to the next level. From Sprig molds and hand-building to perfecting or learning basic wheel-throwing techniques, this class focuses on the individual interests of the participants. (Once a week; 8 sessions) Experience Level: Beginning through Advanced.

Tondos & Shields: A Sculptural Tile Workshop $120 Purchase required to enroll

With Guest Instructor Ed Smith

Session 1: Saturday, June 3, 1-4:00pm

Session 2: Sunday, June 4, 1-4:00pm

Session 3: Sunday, June 18, 1-3:00pm


"Panta Rhei" means everything flows, everything changes, said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

But the circle stays unbroken... and is still a powerful vehicle for narrative.

The Tondo, or Tondi/Tondos, is a renaissance term for a circular work. The Circle is one of the most enduring forms in Art. We will explore this form starting with circular tiles, working small and large-scale and in series.

Watch as the work grows from a narrative to a Shield prototype, echoing the great shield of Achilles in Homer's Iliad.

No experience required. All levels.

Jewelry Making Workshop Series $40 Purchase required to enroll

Turned Gifts - Woodturning Lvl. 1 $75 Purchase required to enroll

The wood lathe is a wonderful tool for quickly creating beautiful, functional projects… basic forms are easy to learn, and the creative possibilities are endless. This class will introduce beginners to the safe and thoughtful use of the wood lathe. The projects, including key rings, bottle stoppers, spinning tops, and tree ornaments, are perfect for learning basic techniques while exploring form, color, and texture. Beginner and beyond.

One Night Bowl Turning - Woodturning Lvl. 1 $75 Purchase required to enroll

Bowl turning is one the most widely popular uses of the wood lathe. Crafting a beautiful, functional bowl is fun and can be a great source of pride.

In this class, we will learn all the steps necessary to take us from a rough-sawn board to a completed bowl, ready for your morning cereal. Our bowls will be made from kiln-dried lumber. We’ll mount the blanks on the lathe and, using various gouges and scrapers, learn how to bring our bowls to shape. We’ll also learn about reverse-chucking, which will allow us access to both the outside and the inside of our projects. Finally, we will sand, apply finish, and clean-up the bottom. We will also touch on design considerations and various surface treatments. Beginner and beyond.

Woodturning Lvl. 1 - Tool Handles $75 Purchase required to enroll

It is a handy skill to be able to quickly turn a tool handle. Whether for new tool tips or old tool restoration, making your own handles saves time, money, and offers a chance to customize the handle to your needs. In this class, we’ll cover such things as pre-drilling, keeping the tenon concentric, adding the ferule, and other basic turning and design considerations. If you’ve got a tool in need of a handle, bring it along.

Woodturning Lvl. 1 - Captive Rings $75 Purchase required to enroll

Captive rings offer an interesting and playful design element that can be added to a variety of spindle projects. They add movement and sound, and often leave folks wondering “how did they do that anyway?” Captive rings are not difficult to turn, but there are a few tools and tricks that can aid in consistency and help to finish them off nicely. In this class, we’ll cover a variety of tools, techniques, and projects designed to make captive rings a part of your turning arsenal.

DIY Resin Charcuterie Board $75 Purchase required to enroll

Resin and wood combine to make beautiful one of a kind creations and you can learn how they’re made in this workshop brought to us by SL Creations and Sarah Laperle. Sarah has designed a ocean themed charcuterie board for students to recreate.

Each student receives a pre-cut board for them to apply the resin. Mix your own colors and watch as the ocean comes alive as you pour over the board.

Day 1 - Lay the resin and cure overnight
Day 2 - Sand and finish
Board size 1”x10.5”x13.3”

Stitch Resist Shibori: Indigo Art $40 Purchase required to enroll

Shibori is a centuries old art using resist techniques and indigo dye to create patterns on fabric. In this three hour class, students will create patterns on a cotton tea towel using simple stitches and learn how gathering can alter the dye process. We will use a vat of true indigo dye to bring the patterns to life, and provide inspiration on how to create future projects at home. Wear dark clothing or items you don’t mind getting messy!

All materials provided

The Bowls on the Wheel $120 Purchase required to enroll

Session 1: Throwing Session I - 9:30am-1:30pm, Saturday, June 24th

Session 2: Throwing & Trimming Session II - 9:30am-1:30pm, Sunday June 25th

Join us for a weekend of throwing and trimming, as we use the pottery wheel to learn the ins and outs of bowls. This form is a common sight in the home, is as functional as it is versatile, and can be altered and personalized in so many ways. This workshop will guide participants through both wheel basics, and the throwing and glazing skills needed to design and create bowls of your own.

All Levels.

Craft + Beer at Post and Beam: Notebook Binding $40 Purchase required to enroll

Craft + Beer is an opportunity to make something awesome with your friends in a relaxed setting. A pint is included in the cost of admission!

For our next Craft + Beer night, Erin Sweeney of @Lovelyinthehomepress will guide you in the making of your very own artist notebook using an easy to learn binding technique with needle and thread! This workshop includes all the materials you need to complete your project. This class is perfect for all levels, so come chill and craft with us!

Craft + Beer happens at Post and Brewery in Peterborough, monthly.

Explorations in Clay: 5-Day Workshop for Middle Schoolers $275 Purchase required to enroll

Using basic tools and techniques, students will learn to work with clay using coils, slabs, and the wheel to create both functional and sculptural ceramics. Focusing on these basic techniques students will develop the fundamental skills necessary to move on to larger and more complicated projects.

Learning in a safe and fun environment we will introduce good habits with clay, and work to inspire the students to continue on in their own creative endeavors. Students will finish the week by glazing their work with an underglaze and be able to pick up their completed masterpieces a few weeks later after firing!

No experience necessary.

Jars $150 Purchase required to enroll

Session 1: Session I - 9:30am-1:30pm, Saturday, July 8 (4 hours)

Session 2: Session II - 9:30am-1:30pm, Sunday, July 9 (4 hours)

Session 3: GLAZING Day - 10:00am - 1:00pm, Sunday, July 22 (2 hours)

Used for millennia to store and transport goods, age and ferment food and drink, and show off social status, the jar is synonymous with pottery and its rich history. In this workshop students will use the potters wheel to throw a form, learn how to throw a lid, how to trim both, use texture or color to decorate, and in the final session how to glaze the jar so it’s visually appealing and functional. Combining these techniques participants will create their own jar to use in the home, or simply admire.

Some experience on the wheel is recommended.

Mugs $125 Purchase required to enroll

Session 1: Session I - 6-9pm, Tuesday, August 8 ______ (3 hours)

Session 2: Session II - 6-9pm, Thursday, August 10 _____ (3 hours)

Session 3: GLAZING Day - 6-8pm, Tuesday, August 22________ (3 hours)

There’s nothing better than enjoying your morning coffee out of your own handmade mug. So join us in this mug making workshop where we’ll learn about and use different techniques to craft our own unique mugs. Participants will use the potters wheel to throw a vessel, learn how to pull and attach handles, decorate with texture or color, and in the next session do any final decorating and glazing to get our finished work. We’ll cover all the steps necessary to create your morning masterpiece.

This workshop is beginner friendly.

Fun with Forms: A Bottles Workshop $100 Purchase required to enroll

Session 1: On the Wheel - Saturday Morning, July 1, 10:00am-2:00pm

Session 2: Glaze Session - Saturday Morning, July 15, 10:00am-1:00pm


Spend a day playing with form and experimenting. Bottles are a fun and classic shape that can be made on the wheel. During this workshop, we will practice pressure and pulling methods to create a small series of bottles. Students will be encouraged to use creativity and add their personal style to their artwork. Intended for potters with some wheel throwing experience, this workshop includes one day for creation and finish work, and another for glazing.

Sound Through Clay $150 Purchase required to enroll

Session 1: Handbuilding Session I - 9:30am-1:30pm, Saturday, August 12 (4 hours)

Session 2: Handbuilding Session II - 9:30am-1:30pm, Sunday August 13 (4 hours)

Session 3: GLAZING Day - 10:00am - Noon, Saturday, August 26 (2 hours)


Ceramic whistles, ocarinas, shakers, and horns each balance form and space in miraculous ways to make noise! join us at the studio as we explore different clay instruments, how they work, and how you can design and make your own. There will be clay, space, time, and firings provided so you can play and discover new sounds through clay. All Levels

Exploring Slab Bowls Workshop $75 Purchase required to enroll

Session 1: Handbuilding Day - 2:00-4:00pm, Tuesday, July 11 (2 hours)

Session 1: Handbuilding Day - 2:00-4:00pm, Tuesday, July 18 (2 hours)

Session 3: GLAZING Day - 2:00-4:00pm, Tuesday, July 18 (2 hours)

A different spin on making clay bowls! Ceramicist and art educator Karrie Mitschmyer will guide you through creative approaches with slabs to construct one-of-a-kind eye-catching bowls. Beginner’s welcome.

Chill Clay Night with Handbuilding $60 Purchase required to enroll

Saturday Evening, July 29, 6:00-8:00pm

Join us for an evening of art… This class will focus on having some fun, handbuilding vessels using simple pinch pot or slab techniques. We will play with surface texture and design and organic and geometric forms. Participants will choose a glaze color to be glazed by instructor and collect their finished works upon completion.

Beginners and seasoned ceramicists of all ages are invited for this laid-back night.

Screen Printing - an Introduction $60 Purchase required to enroll

An Introduction to screen printing, where you will learn the entire screen printing process and create your own printed t-shirts. In the first session, we will go through the process of preparing and creating the screen you will print with using a photosensitive emulsion. In session two we will learn how to print your design on the apparel of your choice!

Textiles Project Troubleshoot $12 per appointment Plans available from $48 No purchase required to enroll

One on one advice/teaching to help you move forward on a specific project. Maximum of 4 hours/session.

Ceramic Center Tour - (1283 Main St. Dublin) Free No purchase required to enroll