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Become a Wood Carver - Serving Spoon Set

$190 Purchase required to enroll

Dig into wood carving with this weekday evening multiseries with Lee Spoons. In this class, which meets 4 Tuesday evenings in November from 6-9, you will learn the skills to carve your own wooden utensils, and enter into the world of green wood carving. Students will work with a sloyd knife and hook knife to create a set of spoons, perfect for gifts over the winter holidays, or for use in your own kitchen.

Students will leave the class with their own sloyd knife, as well as a finished set of spoons they have made over the course of 4 weeknight sessions. Students will learn in-depth spoon carving techniques, as well as how to sharpen and maintain their tools and stretch your body. Come join us, and leave with a new skill to last a lifetime.

Age Range: 18+

Level: All Levels

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